NAB 2015: Huawei demos Omnimedia HP Production Solution

Huawei has demonstrated the world’s first media cloud solution capable of supporting concurrent editing of six layers of HD videos.

Enterprise networking vendor demonstrated Omnimedia HD Production Solution at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in collaboration with media partners.

Company claims the customers in media industry can better manage mobile and UHD program creation and editing with the two new exhibited programs.

Service defined hybrid cloud IT infrastructure delivered by Omnimedia HD Production Solution is compatible with open cloud platforms such as OpenStack.

The solution uses the industry’s first VM+GPU rendering resource pool, cloud desktop HDP protocol optimization, mixed and intelligent image identification, encoding technologies, and 6-track editing of 120 Mbit/s video.

Company officials said media customers’ requirements to address the 24 hour media demand and viewers expectations to access media content on mobile devices is fulfilled by Omnimedia HD Production Solution.

Huawei Bangalore Research

The Omnimedia HD Production Solution features smooth video editing capabilities at 25 frames per second, 120 Mbps HD code streams for programs produced within TV stations, and dedicated GPU boards for program combination and rendering.

Huawei has also demonstrated the industry’s first scale-out storage solution that meets video production requirements for six layers of 4K ultra high definition HD editing.

The new solution is build on Huawei’s OceanStor 9000 NAS system and helps TV stations improve the efficiency of HD/4K UHD video editing, archiving and retrieving.

Company officials said the solution also enables the management of the entire program production including reporting, editing, broadcasting, managing and storing and hence improves the overall efficiency.

“Looking ahead, Huawei will continue to focus on its  ‘Openness, Cooperation, and Win-win’ strategy, and expand collaboration with global integrators and independent software vendors,” said Zheng Yelai, president of Huawei’s Enterprise IT product line.

Last month, Huawei showcased its eLTE Broadband Trunking solution, Agile Wide Area Network (WAN) solution, OceanStor 9000, and next generation Anti-Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) solution.

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