NCP engineering extends Mobile Device Platform Support


NCP engineering announced the launch of a new version of
its hybrid IPsec / SSL VPN gateway. The software-based NCP Secure Enterprise
Server 8.05 supports SSL VPN connections for the most popular smartphone and
tablet PC operating systems, including Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft
Windows Phone 7, and version 6 and up of RIM BlackBerry.



Network administrators can now allow secure remote access
to their enterprises’ web applications via a standard browser, and easily
integrate these mobile end-devices into their VPN environments.



The NCP Secure Enterprise Server also
enables Apple iOS and Google Android end-devices to connect via L2TP over IPsec
and IPsec, respectively. Network administrators can quickly and simply
establish a secure connection to NCP’s VPN gateway with the smartphones’ and
tablet PCs’ integrated VPN clients.



The NCP Secure
Enterprise Server provides enhanced compatibility with web applications, and
includes web proxy and transparent access to the central data network. The
mobile end-devices also display websites that were especially developed for
their respective platforms. In addition, the VPN gateway’s thin client module
supports SSL VPN port forwarding for Mac OS X end-users.



The new version of NCP’s VPN gateway is also compatible
with all Linux-based 64-bit operating systems. The company further increased
the stability and security of the NCP Secure Enterprise Server, and all
customers using version 8.x are entitled to a free upgrade.



NCP also offers universal IPsec VPN clients compatible
with any Windows, Mac, Symbian and Linux-based operating system. The VPN
clients are optimized for interaction with the NCP Secure Enterprise Server,
for example, with NCP’s Path Finder technology, but can be integrated into any
existing IT infrastructure or third-party VPN gateway.



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