NEC reveals features of iPASOLINK microwave radios

NEC Corporation
NEC Corporation of America has revealed the latest features of the iPASOLINK Series of Microwave Radios.

NEC introduced the innovative iPASOLINK VR1250 to meet the demand for greater amounts of data, video, and voice traffic across wireless transport networks. NEC promises enhanced convergence capabilities incorporating 12 RF Channels, multiple 10GbE Ethernet Interfaces, as well as multiple CWDM interfaces in a single chassis from the new microwave radio.

NEC claims that the latest addition to the iPASOLINK Series of Microwave Radios will provide support for over 10Gbps transport across Optical and/or Microwave channels in a compact 3RU chassis.

“The release of the iPASOLINK VR1250 is proof that NEC continues to invest in technology and development advancements as many of its competitors focus on divesting products and reductions in their workforce,” said Matt Engelmann, vice president, NEC Corporation of America.

NEC said the microwave radio has carrier-class switches delivering over 100Gbps of switching capacity while consuming minimal power.

Other than few exceptions, backward compatibility with existing NEC transmitter/receivers facilitates cost effective migration from NLite Series and iPASOLINK 250/650.

The microwave radio comes with support to transmit power up to +40dBm, adaptive modulation rates from QPSK up to 4096QAM and channel bandwidths up to 80MHz, alongside providing the most cost effective bits per buck transmit rates in the industry.

Nodal capacity has been upped to 12 channels, with available Layer 1 bonding of up to 8 RF channels in a single LAG.

The patented cross-polarity interference cancellation techniques by NEC guarantee maximum throughput, with highly reliable system performance, utilizing fewer RF channels.

Also the increase in power output enables designs with longer path lengths with smaller antennas, without affecting critical system availability, hence ensuring low Capex (capital expenditure).

“We expect the VR1250 will certainly disrupt the market with its greater feature sets supporting critical communications across converged networks while driving down clients’ Opex and Capex,” added Engelmann.

NEC will showcase the iPASOLINK VR1250 at the upcoming APCO 2016 Conference and Expo, August 14-17, 2016, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL, in booth #427.

NEC was previously selected by Orange Egypt, to provide iPASOLINK EX microwave radio system supporting 70-80 GHz band communications in E-Band which has been live since April 2016 with an initial group of 60 links.

Vina Krishnan
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