NetComm 5G fixed wireless self-installation technology

NetComm announced the launch of its 5G fixed wireless self-installation technology that will assist network operators to reduce the time and cost of connecting customers to broadband Internet.
NetComm 5G Fixed Wireless self-installation technologyTelecom operators are finding difficulties in the 5G fixed wireless market because they need to install an external antenna in order to connect customers during the early pre-standard 5G launches.

Fixed wireless services will become unprofitable for operators when deploying at large scale due to the time and cost of connecting equipment at the customer premises.

NetComm’s 5G fixed wireless devices available in the US support sub 6GHz bands as well as mmWave, said Els Baert, director of Marketing & Communications at NetComm.
NetComm Els Baert

The new NetComm 5G self-install platform offers operators a cost-effective plug-and-play model that will massively cut the time and cost of connecting homes and businesses to 5G Fixed Wireless services.

NetComm did not reveal the specific reduction in time and cost. David Kennedy, practice leader at Ovum said: “Our research shows that installation costs have a significant impact on the business case for fixed wireless access.”

The NetComm 5G self-install platform allows end-users to get the best possible connection via an application on their phone that connects to their new modem and the 5G network and guides the end-user to the best position for their modem to be placed in the house.