Networking major Cisco unveils Cisco House

Telecom Lead India: Networking major Cisco has unveiled
Cisco House, a dedicated showcase with a dynamic connected environment.

Cisco said the House is rich in video experiences with
many of its meeting and boardroom facilities having TelePresence suites.

There are communication pods to connect colleagues,
friends and family via social media and guests can enjoy live sporting events
and visual case studies either on large plasma displays or on their own mobile

The House is in a roof-top location above Westfield
Stratford City with views over the Olympic Park. The Cisco House is open for
five months from April 2012. It will greet over 11,000 guests.

The new experience will illustrate transformational
opportunities for countries, cities and organizations today and in the future.

Cisco House is a dedicated showcase with a dynamic
connected environment. It aims to help reduce costs, increase productivity and
deliver competitive advantage.

“We are very pleased to announce our plans for Cisco
House, which perfectly demonstrates the breadth of work Cisco is doing to build
a brilliant future for the UK and other Countries around the World,” said Phil
Smith, CEO Cisco UK and Ireland.

The ground floor is largely taken up by the interactive
walkthrough experience. Key to this is an engaging multi-media business
transformation journey which looks at how innovative organizations are using
the network today, as well as the opportunities they can look forward to in the
future. In addition, a ‘This is London’ section takes visitors on a virtual
city tour of the evolution of technology in the capital.

The top floor of Cisco House consists of a large
networking lounge which has spectacular views of the Olympic Stadium.

“We aim to engage leaders around innovation and new
business models, using global case studies to reveal how our partnerships and
Cisco capabilities are essential enablers for best-in-class country, city or business
transformations. From design through to build and finish, everyone involved in
the project has worked tirelessly to construct something that embodies Cisco’s
vision for innovation and we are excited to share the results,” Smith

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