Nokia to acquire Unium as part of Wi-Fi product strategy

Nokia for broadband
Nokia announced plans to acquire Unium, a US-based software company that specializes in solving wireless networking problems for use in mission-critical and residential Wi-Fi applications.

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Unium’s software and intelligent mesh wireless technology strengthens Nokia’s whole-home Wi-Fi solution and supports Nokia’s strategic objective of solving Wi-Fi problems in the home.

Unium will bring Nokia carrier-grade mesh technology that helps maximize in-home wireless networking speeds and ensures quality of experience across the entire home.

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia’s Fixed Networks business group, said: “With Unium inside, our Nokia Wi-Fi solution will deliver an unmatched user experience, going beyond what standard mesh Wi-Fi solutions deliver today.”

Nokia is introducing several enhancements to its in-home Wi-Fi solution that maximize Wi-Fi performance and simplify network management.

The new Wi-Fi solution expands Nokia’s portfolio with meshed Wi-Fi gateways and beacons, delivers a new Wi-Fi Home Portal for service providers, introduces a mobile application for users and provides new software functions and analytics that improve network intelligence.