Nokia to add cognitive analytics capabilities to MTN Nigeria network


Nokia announced it has been selected by MTN Nigeria to support the network transformation efforts to improve customer experience.

MTN Nigeria will leverage Nokia’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, especially the Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight with Nokia Service Quality Manager (SQM) software. With this MTN Nigeria becomes the first customer to choose this solution in the region.

With this network transformation effort, MTN Nigeria expects gain automation and intelligence capabilities helping to improve customer service and tap more business opportunities.

Powered by machine learning algorithms, Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Customer Insight software provides a complete view of customer satisfaction, revenue, and device and network performance.

Nokia SQM, on the other hand, provides a holistic picture of service behavior and performance. With this capability, MTN Nigeria will be able to speed the identification of service issues, like poor voice call and data session quality, and prioritize improvements based on customer and business impact.

By leveraging Nokia Analytics Office Services, MTN Nigeria will also benefit from advanced capabilities, such as data science and automation.

Naveed Kashif, Nokia’s account leader for MTN Group, said, “MTN recognizes the growing importance of customer experience management as it seeks to differentiate itself and provide the best possible services to subscribers.”