Nokia Adds More Fiber Broadband Network Automation Tools in Altiplano Marketplace

Nokia, a global leader in telecommunications technology, has added five new fiber broadband network automation applications in its Altiplano Marketplace. These additions aim to assist telecom operators in simplifying the operations of their fiber broadband networks.
Optical fiber investmentSoftware Defined Networking (SDN) and automation have emerged as pivotal tools, aiding operators in optimizing resources and proactively identifying potential issues. The Altiplano Access Controller, a programmable domain controller and automation platform, plays a crucial role in broadband access by providing flexibility and agility. This allows operators to enhance off-the-shelf functionality, tailor it to their specific needs, and write code to develop their own network automation.

The Nokia Altiplano Marketplace offers operators access to a comprehensive catalog of ready-made automation tools and network analytics, enabling them to derive maximum benefits from their broadband networks. Moreover, Nokia’s open Altiplano Access Controller platform grants third-party developers access to open APIs and a Software Development Kit (SDK), essential for creating unique use cases that differentiate their networks.

The new applications available in Nokia’s Altiplano Marketplace for operators include:

Network Performance Monitor: Proactively monitors the health status of access nodes and management systems, including trend changes that may impact network stability.

Optical Link Certifier: Eliminates the need for traditional physical PON testers to validate the end-to-end optical path before connecting subscribers.

PON Capacity Planner: Allows operators to run what-if scenario analysis to accurately predict congestion risks and determine optimal advertised peak rates for subscribers.

Secure Bootstrap Server: Enables operators to securely onboard new access nodes and automatically load the right configuration without pre-staging.

Wholesale Network Portal: Provides an API and Web User Interface (UI) to enhance wholesale capabilities, improving Virtual Network Operations (VNO) onboarding, subscriber management, and service operations. This application was developed by Condor Technologies.

Alberto Patron, CEO of Condor Technologies, expressed excitement about the opportunities presented by Nokia’s Altiplano platform and open APIs, allowing the creation and addition of unique applications to a global marketplace. He emphasized the potential to tap into the FTTH domain with their applications and solutions.

Geert Heyninck, General Manager of Broadband Networks at Nokia, highlighted the advantage of the Altiplano platform in creating an open cloud-native platform that empowers third-party developers like Condor to build applications and bring them to the open marketplace. This marketplace offers operators the flexibility to choose custom automation tools or select from a list of existing applications that are readily available.