Nokia and BT Group Partner to Drive 5G Network Monetization

Nokia and BT Group have cemented an agreement aimed at fostering new avenues for 5G network monetization. The collaboration centers around leveraging Nokia’s innovative Network as Code platform in conjunction with BT Group’s cloud-native network infrastructure.
BT broadbandBT Group, renowned for operating EE, the UK’s top mobile network, seeks to tap into Nokia’s expansive ecosystem of developer partners. By accessing simplified network capabilities offered as software code, BT aims to explore diverse applications across enterprise, industrial, and consumer domains.

Nokia’s pioneering platform extends beyond conventional connectivity solutions, empowering application developers with robust tools like Software Development Kits (SDK) and open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). These resources grant developers access to profound network functionalities and data, enabling the creation of innovative use cases for their clientele.

The collaboration between Nokia and BT Group intends to democratize these tools for developers. This initiative allows them to harness BT Group’s network features, ideate novel use cases, and deliver enhanced value to EE customers.

This partnership echoes Nokia’s similar alliance with DISH Wireless, further illustrating the platform’s versatility and potential in reshaping the telecom landscape.

The Network as Code platform, introduced in September after extensive collaboration with developers and operators, operates on a revenue-sharing model among developers, operators, and Nokia as the platform provider.

“Nokia and BT Group strengthening our long-standing partnership through Nokia’s Network as Code platform is a significant milestone. BT Group’s involvement in advancing telecom networks’ accessibility to application developers has been pivotal,” Shkumbin Hamiti, Head of Network Monetization Platform at Nokia, said.

“The capabilities inherent in 5G-era networks, such as enhancing network quality on demand, present unprecedented opportunities for enterprises and consumers,” Reza Rahnama, Managing Director of Mobile Networks at BT Group, said.

The partnership between Nokia and BT Group signifies a concerted effort to revolutionize network accessibility, enabling developers to pioneer groundbreaking applications while unlocking the true potential of 5G technology for consumers and industries.


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