Nokia and China Mobile launch hybrid indoor coverage solution

Nokia and China Mobile Research Institute launched a hybrid indoor radio solution with location services to meet 5G connectivity demands inside large buildings.
KT 5G at Asian Games in IndonesiaThe jointly developed 5G hybrid distributed indoor system is aimed at lowering operators’ deployment costs.

Research conducted by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) shows that consumption of 70 percent of 5G business applications will take place indoors, with high-value customers likely to spend 80 percent of their working hours in an indoor environment.

China Mobile has long utilized distributed access systems (DAS) for 4G indoor coverage and wanted a solution that would meet the demands of 5G while reducing costs as it introduces innovative new services.

Nokia and China Mobile jointly developed the low-cost hybrid distributed indoor system that leverages Nokia 5G Pico RRH system together with passive DAS antennas and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Nokia and China Mobile Research Institute are showcasing the innovative system at the 6th China Mobile Global Partners Conference from December 6 to 8. During 2019.

“Nokia will continue to build on its technology momentum to help China Mobile evolve its network to meet its business and consumer customers’ increasing demands in the 5G world,” Chang Jiang, chief technology officer of Customer Operations at Nokia Shanghai Bell, said in a statement.