Nokia and Mavenir Successfully Conclude O-RAN Interoperability Testing

Nokia announced the successful completion of interoperability testing with Mavenir radio equipment at Nokia’s Open RAN Innovation Center in Dallas, Texas. The collaboration focused on validating the compatibility of Mavenir’s CBRS Radio Unit and Nokia AirScale Baseband utilizing the O-RAN Alliance 7.2x interface.
Nokia AirScaleMavenir said it has completed operability with Radios from four different suppliers using the O-RAN compliant 7.2x interface.

The rigorous trial, conducted in accordance with O-RAN Alliance specifications, showcased seamless interoperability between Mavenir’s radio unit and Nokia’s baseband, demonstrating end-to-end configurations compatible with 5G user devices. Notably, the collaboration facilitated the activation of 4CC Carrier Aggregation using both TDD and FDD spectrum in a 5G Standalone configuration, achieving peak 5G performance.

Nokia’s anyRAN approach aims to empower mobile operators and enterprises with enhanced flexibility in constructing networks that amalgamate purpose-built, hybrid, and Cloud RAN architectures with unified software solutions. Leveraging Open Fronthaul capabilities atop their high-performance RAN software, Nokia ensures performance equivalence with existing RAN setups for mobile operators.

Both Nokia and Mavenir, staunch proponents of open networks, have made substantial investments in furthering the objectives of the O-RAN Alliance, emphasizing the creation of open, interoperable, and intelligent networks. This latest milestone underscores their unwavering dedication to open interfaces and their substantial investments in R&D within the U.S. market.

John Baker, SVP of Business Development at Mavenir, highlighted the significance of this achievement, stating, “This solution demonstrates a full circle of O-RAN interoperability whereby our industry-leading RAN portfolio integrates and interoperates in both directions with products from other RAN suppliers. This is real Open RAN – not the version where one supplier only connects their own products to each other.”

Mark Atkinson, Head of RAN at Nokia, echoed the sentiment, affirming, “Our technology collaboration with Mavenir is further evidence of our commitment to Open RAN. We have developed our baseband software in a way that ensures that multi-supplier O-RAN systems can be deployed without compromises in performance, energy efficiency, security, or resiliency.”

The interoperability testing marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of open networks, showcasing tangible progress towards creating a diverse, inclusive ecosystem that fosters innovation and empowers network operators globally.