Nokia and Zayo Achieve 1 Tb/s Transmission Milestone in Live Field Trial

Nokia and Zayo have completed a live field trial, showcasing the Nokia’s sixth-generation Photonic Service Engine super-coherent optics (PSE-6s).
Nokia PSE-6sThe trial demonstrated a 1 Tb/s transmission on Zayo’s Los Angeles to Phoenix route, spanning over 1000km. Additionally, the collaboration set a North American transmission record of 800Gb/s over a single wavelength, covering the distance from Los Angeles to El Paso on a 1866km link, utilizing Nokia’s PSE-6s technology.

The live field trial underscores the capabilities of Nokia’s latest coherent optics and highlights Zayo’s optical transport network. The collaboration between the two companies aims to address the escalating global demand for high-capacity solutions in an increasingly digitalized world.

Zayo makes investments in the capacity, capability, and sustainability of its optical network to support the transport of new 400GE and 800GE services. The trial’s performance demonstrates how Nokia’s optical technologies contribute to spectral/bandwidth efficiency, reducing the need for coherent optics, and lowering overall network power consumption.

The trial employed Nokia’s PSE-6s, integrated into the 1830 PSI-M compact modular transport platform, equipped with production-ready DMAT6 line cards. Leveraging the latest 6th generation technology, the 800Gb/s transmission achieved a significant three-fold increase in reach compared to 7nm solutions. Moreover, the 1Tb/s transmission between Los Angeles and Phoenix exemplifies the capability to achieve higher capacities on high-traffic routes.

Aaron Werley, Vice President of Technology at Zayo, expressed Zayo’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of network connectivity. “The infrastructure projects we have, and continue to complete, involve the deployment of new 800G and higher-speed routes. Nokia’s PSE-6s coherent technology allows Zayo to offer ever-increasing commercial Wavelength speeds, including enabling our industry-first Waves on Demand offering,” Werley stated.

James Watt, Head of Optical at Nokia, expressed satisfaction with the PSE-6s performance, emphasizing its ability to enable 800G everywhere and deliver 1T between key cities over long spans. Watt highlighted Nokia’s commitment to pushing the limits of super-coherent performance to deliver extensive network scale and service reach while ensuring sustainable growth in response to growing network demand.