Nokia brings AirScale Wi-Fi technology to telecoms

Carrier Wi-Fi
Telecom network maker Nokia today announced the launch of Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi to integrate Wi-Fi with existing networks to improve the customer experience.

Nokia made this announcement on Wi-Fi solution, which can assist telecoms to bring in more revenues, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2016) in Barcelona.

The Wi-Fi solution also allows telecom service providers without licensed spectrum to run a Wi-Fi service that takes advantage of mobile edge computing and analytics to deliver advanced context-based services.

The cloud-based Controller that enables deployment with automated configuration, monitoring and management of Wi-Fi access points is a main component of Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi. The controller also provides automated scaling to support more than 10,000 access points.

Nokia has created cloud-based, carrier-grade Wi-Fi that combines gigabit wireless performance with deployment simplicity.

Nokia said  the AirScale Wi-Fi comprises compact indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points, Wi-Fi integrated into the Nokia Flexi Zone G2 Base Station and a cloud-based controller that runs on the Nokia AirFrame server platform.

LTE-Wi-Fi Aggregation paves the way for 5G multi-connectivity framework and brings scalability and cost efficiency when integrating Wi-Fi with mobile networks.

CH Jih, chief technology officer at Taiwan Mobile, said: “We have trialed Nokia’s AirScale Wi-Fi solution in our live network, firstly to validate the performance of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi access point, secondly to understand the practical benefits of hosting the Wi-Fi controller in the cloud.”

Nokia AirScale Wi-Fi expands on the existing components of our Smart Wi-Fi solution, including the WLAN Gateway.

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