Nokia brings managed security service for telecom operators

Nokia managed security services Nokia has introduced its Security Risk Index assessment service and Managed Security Service to assist telecom operators against network security attack.

The new service addresses security challenges across mobile, IP and fixed networks in the digital transformation era.

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Nokia says virtualized systems bring new vulnerabilities to telecom operators. Engineers at mobile service providers can address their own security needs by investing in the latest Nokia solutions.

In addition, mobile operators can white label Managed Security Services to enterprises under their own brand. Additional revenue potential in the fast-growing enterprise security market and optimizes time to market are the main benefits.

Internet of Things (IoT), personal devices, and social and business applications are posing challenges on telecom networks.

Nokia experts – headed by Friedrich Trawoeger, head of Managed Services at Nokia — will use Nokia NetGuard software to design the network security infrastructure, information management and monitoring systems to protect critical information assets against threats.

“Telecom operators need strategic security partners that have a deep understanding of the unique aspects of their network environment and the threats that they and their customers face,” Patrick Donegan, principal analyst, HardenStance, said.