Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri on 5G and IoT

Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri
Telecom network maker Nokia today said it aims to strengthen its focus on 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) following the recent acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent.

“We are planning to dramatically increase our investment in 5G this year and unleash the power of our massive innovation engine,” said Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri.

Nokia plans around 5G

# to replace Flexi base station with 5G-ready AirScale radio access product

# acquiring Nakina, a network security firm

# launching $350 million IoT investment fund

Nokia will have a new 5G-ready AirScale radio access product to replace the Flexi base station.

Nokia is acquiring Nakina, a software company specialized in preventing, identifying and eliminating security threats.

Nokia is launching a $350 million IoT investment fund through Nokia Growth Partners.

“5G must happen fast because important IoT use cases demand it. If we know that 5G can help save lives, improve our environment, and make our lives better, we need to move faster, not slower,” Suri said.

The Nokia – Alcatel-Lucent combination is targeting many different cross-selling opportunities and making joint bids to customers around the world.

“When you put Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent together, Nokia will have an addressable market of EUR 141 billion.

Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent had combined sales at the end of 2015 of EUR 26.6 billion, combined R&D spend of EUR 4.5 billion in 2015 with over 40,000 researchers and scientists, and combined net cash of EUR 10 billion.

Nokia’s new 5G-ready AirScale product supports any technology, from 2G through LTE Advance Pro and 5G when it arrives. It includes a new base station with future-ready baseband and next generation RF elements that will give customers a connectivity experience that exceeds all others. AirScale also uses 60 percent less energy than the Flexi.

The Nakina acquisition will assist Nokia to bring the best network security to enable 5G and IoT.

The new IoT fund will invest in promising companies primarily around the Connected Enterprise, Consumer IoT, Connected Car, Digital Health as well as technologies with a focus on capabilities in big data and analytics.

Baburajan K
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