Nokia demos drone management via LTE network

Nokia demos drone management concept via LTE networkTelecom network vendor Nokia has showcased its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management (UTM) concept for operating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones via LTE in Dubai.

Showcased at the UAE Drones for Good Award event, Nokia UTM for drone management will be targeting industry sectors such as healthcare, logistics, agriculture, news and entertainment.

Nokia’s innovative technology provides centralized monitoring and control of UAVs via an operator’s existing LTE network or dedicated LTE networks run by government or public safety departments.

Technical details of Nokia UTM:

# LTE network technology combined with a Mobile Edge Computing platform

# Drones equipped with LTE dongles, GPS and access modules for telemetry data

# Computing and processing components to monitor airspace, view and control drone flight paths and transfer telemetry data as well as establish dynamic no-flight zones

# Mobile app for UAV pilot with UTM interface

Joachim Wuilmet, head of Customer Marketing and Communications, Middle East and Africa, Nokia, said: “Nokia’s UTM concept for operators and authorities can enable the safe operation of drones as part of the development of smart cities in UAE and around the globe.”

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