Nokia expands software solutions for telecom operators

nokia-global-delivery-center-indiaTelecom equipment maker Nokia today revealed benefits of its latest software solutions that features intelligence, automation and innovation for service provider networks.

Nokia’s expanded software solutions

# Nokia evolved Service Operations Center (eSOC)
# Nokia NetAct Archive Cloud and Nokia SBC for Cloud

Bhaskar Gorti, president of Applications & Analytics, said: “These new offerings will help our customers streamline operations, improve service offerings and differentiate themselves in a competitive industry.”

Nokia eSOC

Nokia eSOC allows telecom service providers to quickly detect, diagnose and recover from service-impacting issues without human intervention.

Telecom service providers can detect and begin addressing up to 97 percent of network issues before customers contact support, and decrease the time to repair and recover from network issues by up to 50 percent.

Nokia said eSOC has the potential to reduce service-related complaints by up to 45 percent.

Nokia said the evolved Service Operations Center replaces dated and siloed systems, processes and measurement techniques, eSOC helps service providers transition from reactive to more proactive and predictive operations with advanced root cause analysis.

Nokia said the eSOC features Automated Operations and Recovery (AOR) and Traffica real-time network analytics modules automating the problem resolution phase of the SOC process, including a feedback loop that improves future results based on prior execution.

Nokia NetAct Archive Cloud

Nokia NetAct Archive Cloud delivers intelligent real-time cloud backup and monitoring capabilities for service providers by automatically identifying and backup critical data from the entire network. The system will focus on backup / restore capabilities for core cloud data initially. Nokia will offer complete support for all network elements (radio cloud, the full Nokia product portfolio and third-party network elements) in future releases.

The Nokia NetAct Archive Cloud system allows service providers to extract valuable insights from archived data to optimize future backup activities, save up to 80 percent of storage capacity, and better manage the exponential growth in network data and devices.

Nokia SBC for Cloud enables service providers to secure and control media and signaling streams that cross the edges of fixed, mobile, enterprise, Internet access and peering networks. The new release adds advanced technologies to maximize media plane performance and resilience from cyber attacks.

Nokia Deepfield Big Data Analytics Demo

Nokia will demonstrate big data analytics solutions from Nokia Deepfield at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) – showing how enriching IP telemetry data with cloud and IT visibility in real time gives service providers insight to optimize cloud application performance over IP networks.