Nokia to fund IIT Madras’ rural broadband solutions

BSNL rural broadband
Telecom network vendor Nokia announced its decision to fund IIT Madras’ rural broadband solutions for Indian market.

IIT-M aims to create technology solutions to improve broadband connectivity in rural India. As part of the rural broadband program, Nokia will fund and provide technological expertise for research at IIT-M’s Center of Excellence for Wireless Technology (CEWiT).

The project will evaluate the option of using unlicensed spectrum to deliver last-mile broadband connectivity to in rural India. The broadband project will be complementing India government’s National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) initiative under the 3-year partnership.

The research project aims to bridge the connectivity divide in India by broadening the reach of broadband in rural areas.

CEWiT at IIT-M will undertake the measures such as verification of the feasibility of using unlicensed spectrum radio access technologies for last-mile broadband connectivity

The Nokia project will be complement the Indian government’s plans of providing fiber optic connectivity to 230,000 gram panchayats by providing last-mile connectivity from gram panchayats to their villages.

“The research collaboration with IIT-Madras will leverage its innovation to drive the Indian government’s vision of empowering rural communities through broadband connectivity,” said Sandeep Girotra, head of India region at Nokia.

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