Nokia helps DITO to build 5G network on the island of Mindanao

Nokia 5G (image courtesy- Nokia)Nokia today announced it has been selected by DITO Telecommunity Corporation (DITO), to deploy 5G services on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

The deal allows DITO to build country-wide 5G network. DITO launched 5G network in May 2021.

DITO, a joint venture between Udenna Group and China Telecom, is the newest telecommunications provider in the Philippines and is pursuing a strategy of creating a new network in the country.

DITO will benefit from Nokia’s 5G portfolio including the massive MIMO, multi-band, Single RAN AirScale portfolio to build the Radio Access Network (RAN) for the 5G infrastructure across Mindanao, the Philippines’ second largest island.

DITO also utilized Nokia’s NetAct solution for network management and seamless daily network operations, including configuration management, monitoring, and software management. Nokia provided digital design and deployment for a faster time to market as well as optimization and technical support services.

Nokia has been an existing 4G LTE radio partner since 2020.