Nokia launches 25 Gbps symmetrical PON fiber broadband solution

Nokia today announced the world’s first 25 Gbps symmetrical PON fiber broadband solution enabling SPs to supercharge their networks and enhance fiber network usage.
Nokia Sandy Motley
This unique solution works on Nokia’s existing next-generation PON hardware, such as access nodes and line cards, to offer universal PON capabilities.

Nokia is the first vendor to commercialize an end-to-end solution for 25G PON. Designed for simplicity and cost-efficiency, the solution is based on Nokia’s Quillion chipset and existing next-generation PON access platform and line cards.

The superior bandwidth and low-latency performance of the Nokia solution – enabled by the purpose built Quillion chipset family – means it can support 5G mobile transport as well as true 10G service for enterprises.

Nokia said all its customers with 10 Gbps Quillion boards will also have 25 Gbps capabilities in their network. Nokia 25G PON can co-exist with GPON and XGS-PON on the same infrastructure, allowing CSPs to add 25 Gbps in overlay without disrupting existing customer services. This will allow them to add 25G PON efficiently when and where needed to capitalize on new opportunities.

25G PON technology enables fiber to become the single infrastructure that underpins the entire telecom industry and to deliver any service to any end point. It is also the best next step for PON: it leverages the high volumes and mature eco-system of data center optical technologies to achieve the best cost point, huge capacity, fastest time-to-market, and simplest evolution path compared to 50G PON, which will require a massive technology leap or long time to mature.

“By delivering a step-change increase in fiber broadband networks with our 25G PON solution, CSPs will be able to bring better broadband to consumers and businesses, both through fixed fiber and 5G mobile broadband,” Sandra Motley, president of Fixed Networks at Nokia, said.

“25G PON is important technology to support 5G cross-haul and we aim to enhance our fiber broadband network beyond 10 Gbps to meet increasing demand and grasp new business opportunities in mobile transport and premium enterprise services,” Chi-Min Lo, managing director, Network Planning at Chunghwa Telecom, said.

“CSPs are adding more capacity into their fiber access networks, supporting enterprise services and 5G wireless transport. 25G PON is the next-step, supporting capacity upgrades, while ensuring coexistence with earlier generations of PON,” Julie Kunstler, senior principal analyst at Omdia, said.