Nokia Launches 25G PON Starter Kit to Drive 10Gbs+ Service Opportunities

Nokia has unveiled a groundbreaking solution aimed at empowering operators to tap into new revenue streams through high-speed connectivity. The company’s newly launched comprehensive 25G PON starter kit is poised to revolutionize the way operators deploy and monetize 10Gbs+ opportunities in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape.
Nokia new logo 2023With an impressive track record of shipping over one million 25G PON ready ports, Nokia is at the forefront of innovation in the industry. The 25G PON technology is now poised for activation across more than 150 networks worldwide.

The 25G PON starter kit is tailor-made to expedite the deployment of high-speed connectivity to businesses, opening doors for operators to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for 10Gbs services. Each kit is equipped to connect up to 10 businesses, offering immediate shipment for operators keen on seizing the new opportunities in the market.

In today’s highly competitive market, where 10Gbs business connectivity has become the norm, the 25G PON solution allows operators to leverage their existing fiber infrastructure to deliver genuine 10Gbs speeds and even beyond. This transformative capability not only accelerates productivity and collaboration but also equips organizations to embrace resource-intensive applications such as cloud-based services, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence with unparalleled ease.

The comprehensive 25G PON starter kit comprises all the essential components of cutting-edge fiber broadband technology. It empowers operators to deliver versatile 1G, 10G, and 25G PON services to end-users, encompassing vital elements like line cards, optics, and Optical Network Terminals (ONTs).

Geert Heyninck, General Manager Broadband Networks at Nokia, commented on the launch, stating, “With the 25G PON starter program, we help operators seize the lucrative opportunities presented by 10G+ connectivity. The 25G PON kits are available immediately and provide operators with the tools needed to quickly deploy and capitalize on the growing number of multi-gig broadband services consumers and enterprises seek – all on their existing fiber network.”

According to Rupert Wood, Research Director at Analysys Mason, “The addition of 25GS-PON to XGS-PON makes the fastest-growing portion in revenue terms, ‘true’ 10Gbit/s (and even above) symmetrical connectivity, addressable right now. Depending on the SLAs, practically all of that dedicated connectivity market is addressable for an operator with 25GS-PON capability.”

Nokia’s 25G PON starter kit is poised to reshape the telecommunications landscape, enabling operators to embrace the high-speed future and capitalize on the burgeoning demand for cutting-edge connectivity services.