Nokia launches automation solution to cut complexity of managing data centers

Nokia announced the launch of Nokia Edge Automation, a new solution that removes the complexity of managing multiple cloud-based data centers by automating the process from a single platform.
Nokia Finland 2019Nokia’s edge cloud solution drives operational efficiencies by enabling Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to control infrastructure across numerous geographic locations. This includes remote site deployment, software updates, and maintenance. Automation is expected to save on CSP operating costs by approximately 30 percent.

Nokia Edge Automation tool simplifies the management by enabling edge data planning integration, automated deployment, and mass software upgrades for any edge cloud infrastructure. It also manages the life cycle of edge site infrastructures and supports on-premises deployments for enterprise customers.

Nokia said the solution supports site deployments by remotely detecting, configuring and updating site hardware, switches and servers, based on the site plan. It can also upload, install and configure on-site cloud stacks, verify site deployments and configurations, as well as trigger application deployments.

Nokia edge automation offers CSPs a complete cloud computing edge infrastructure, making it possible to utilize Cloud RAN (vRAN), Open RAN, Multi-access edge computing, and RAN Intelligent Controller, as well as other virtualized software installations.

The automation solution enables CSPs to provide application platforms for on-premises deployments for enterprise customers. Nokia is engaging with major SPs with Nokia Edge Automation proof-of-concepts and trials to enable automation capabilities on the edge of the network.

5G prompts mobile operators to deploy thousands of edge cloud sites to process the high volumes of data required to support 5G enabled devices and systems running over the network. This can create significant network complexity that can be challenging for operators to manage.

Stephane Teral, chief analyst at LightCounting Market Research, said: “Nokia’s edge automation solution eliminates this complexity and provides simultaneous, controlled life-cycle management across the hardware and cloud stack, helping operators to ultimately manage and lower network Opex.”

Pasi Toivanen, head of Edge Cloud at Nokia, commented: “As SPs move into cloud-based operations the management of a large portfolio of cloud data centers becomes critical but without a strong solution in place it can quickly become unmanageable. Nokia Edge Automation takes the complexity out of managing this infrastructure and simplifies the process.”