Nokia Launches Open Innovation Lab in Dubai to Boost Tech Adoption in MEA

Nokia has revealed plans to establish an Open Innovation lab in Dubai, UAE, aimed at fostering innovation and accelerating the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for network automation and optimization across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.
Nokia @ MWC 2023 in BarcelonaThis initiative is set to amplify Nokia’s established global strategic collaborations with Dell Technologies and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), enhancing their regional focus and efforts towards technological advancements.

Driving Innovation in Key Areas

The Open Innovation lab will primarily focus on three significant areas, with the objective of benefiting operators and enterprises alike.

# Advancing Cloud RAN Technology

Collaborating with technology giants like Dell and HPE, Nokia will innovate within the Cloud RAN space. The approach, termed anyRAN, aims to evolve Cloud RAN into a flexible solution that works seamlessly with purpose-built RAN, providing consistent feature performance. This strategy ensures that operators and enterprises have the liberty to choose technology suppliers and operating environments that align with their expectations of openness and efficiency.

# Showcasing Industry 4.0 Applications

The lab will spotlight private wireless and industrial networks, showcasing innovative Industry 4.0 use cases and industrial edge applications on Nokia’s MX Industrial Edge (MXIE) platform. This exhibition will aid enterprises in expediting their transition to Industry 4.0, a critical advancement in the technological landscape.

# Accelerating Network Intelligence

In a bid to accelerate the adoption of AI and ML solutions for network automation and optimization, Nokia will utilize its MantaRay solution portfolio for intelligent network management and automation within the lab. The integration of advanced technologies is expected to boost network efficiency, performance, and usher in new monetization opportunities.

Collaboration and Enthusiasm

Mikko Lavanti, Senior Vice President, Mobile Networks at Nokia, MEA, expressed excitement about the venture, highlighting the commitment to drive innovation in partnership with Dell and HPE. He emphasized the potential to enhance network efficiency and performance, unlocking new opportunities for monetization for operators and enterprises.

Tibor Fabry-Asztalos, Senior Vice President, Product Development Engineering, Telecom Systems Business, Dell Technologies, highlighted the future of the telecommunications industry as open, propelled by collaborations to facilitate network operators in digital transformation and the swift deployment of innovative solutions.

Anna Granö, VP, Sales, Northern Western Europe for Top Accounts, Partner Ecosystem and Business Development, HPE, emphasized the collaborative effort to offer a comprehensive Cloud RAN solution, aiming to drive efficiency, performance, openness, and scale. The goal is to provide support to operators and enterprises in the region embracing Cloud RAN technology.

The establishment of the Open Innovation Lab in MEA signals a major step forward for Nokia, showcasing their dedication to advancing technology and fostering collaborative innovation in the region.