Nokia lowers MobiFone’s network energy consumption

Nokia, a leading telecommunications equipment and technology company, announced a collaboration with MobiFone that resulted in impressive energy savings.
MobiFoneMobiFone, a prominent mobile network operator in Vietnam, achieved an overall energy reduction of nearly 14 percent through the world’s first trial of Nokia’s new Digital Design service.

The trial, conducted in Vietnam’s Ngu Hanh Son district, covered an area of 65 square kilometers and involved 112 cell sites. Using Nokia’s advanced analytics tools, MobiFone implemented power reduction measures in 88 percent of its 4G radio cells during the trial period.

Nokia’s Digital Design service played a pivotal role in achieving these energy savings. The service analyzes each individual cell in the network, assessing factors like interference, load, and beam-set configuration. Based on this analysis, it recommends optimal radio link power balance, leading to a reduction in transmit power. The service’s capabilities are not limited to low traffic hours; it also effectively addresses peak-hour power consumption, resulting in considerable energy savings.

One of the critical aspects of this initiative is its focus on the Radio Access Network (RAN), which typically accounts for nearly 80 percent of all mobile network energy consumption. By lowering RAN energy consumption, the collaboration between Nokia and MobiFone contributes to the overall reduction in energy consumption for mobile service providers.

Vu Tuan Trung, Deputy Manager of Technology Department at MobiFone, emphasized the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

“We look forward to working with our longstanding partner, Nokia, to reduce the energy consumption in other parts of our network,” Vu Tuan Trung said.

“This important trial of Nokia’s Digital Design service for improving the energy efficiency of MobiFone’s radio access network demonstrates how mobile operators can deliver a premium experience to end users while reducing their energy consumption,” Ruben Moron Flores, Head of Market Unit Vietnam at Nokia, said.

The successful trial underscores the potential for innovative solutions like Nokia’s Digital Design service to drive energy efficiency improvements in the telecommunications industry, benefitting both service providers and the environment. The collaboration between Nokia and MobiFone sets a promising precedent for further advancements in sustainable practices within the mobile network sector.