Nokia names Jorg Erlemeier as integration planning head

Telecom network vendor Nokia has appointed Jorg Erlemeier as the integration planning head for the combining Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent.

Erlemeier, who currently leads Global Services in Nokia Networks’ Europe market, will establish an Integration Steering Board that will provide the structure, processes and working team to set up the required plans for the combined company.

In this role, he will report to Rajeev Suri, Nokia President and CEO.


Michael Soper, telecom analyst, TBR, said that thanks to the strong management of Nokia Networks CEO Rajeev Suri and the success of Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes, the merger has become feasible, with the prospect of the second-largest solutions supplier in the telecom industry emerging from the combination.

However, the move presents major risks for the firms, including merging cultures, portfolios and financial models fast enough to prevent competitors from gaining ground. Mergers — even the best managed — take 24 months or more. During this time, the new Nokia will be vulnerable.

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