Nokia Networks signs small cell deal with Ooredoo Qatar

Ooredoo network

Nokia Networks announced its deal with Ooredoo Qatar to deploy its small cells in hotspots across the country.

Earlier, Nokia Networks conducted trials involving LTE and 3G small cell solution in indoor and outdoor locations in Doha.

Nokia Networks said its small cell base stations have the same software and processing capabilities as macro base stations, but require less space and can be deployed more easily and in a highly cost-efficient manner.

The company will be supplying Flexi Lite 3G and Nokia Flexi Zone 4G micro base stations optimized for indoor and outdoor micro cell deployments, Nokia Flexi Zone 4G pico base stations for indoor coverage and Nokia NetAct for consolidated network management across small cells and the macro layer.

“Our customers demand high-quality services, even in complex hotspots and crowded urban zones. Nokia Networks small cells will enable us to provide just that: more capacity, higher availability and reduced latency,” said Waleed Al Sayed, chief operating officer of Ooredoo Qatar.

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