Nokia overtakes Ericsson in microwave transmission market

Nokia has overtaken Ericsson — for the first time – for the second highest share in Microwave Transmission market in the fourth quarter of 2019, Dell’Oro Group said.
Ericsson share in microwave market
The research report did not mention the specific market share of Nokia and Ericsson in the Microwave Transmission market in Q4. Huawei is the leader in the Microwave Transmission market with 29 percent share.

Microwave Transmission market declined in 2019 following a slight rebound the prior year, says Jimmy Yu, vice president at Dell’Oro Group. The report did not reveal the specific decline.

The report said decline in 2019 was due to a massive slowdown in India. “We estimate sales to Indian operators declined over 50 percent in the year,” Jimmy Yu said.

Vendor share was more fluid than usual in the quarter. Typically the top three vendors in this market consist of Ericsson, Huawei, and NEC.

E/V Band shipments outperformed in the quarter, helping to bring full year growth rates back up above 20 percent.

Among the microwave technology segments, E/V Band systems have the greatest growth potential driven by its ultra-high capacity (10 Gbps), small footprint, and low spectrum license fees in certain countries.

Demand for E-band systems in particular is projected to grow because of the availability of multiband solutions that combine the benefits of both standard microwave frequencies with that of E-band, Dell’Oro Group said.