Nokia Selected as Supplier by Mila to Upgrade Iceland’s Fiber Network for Multi-Gigabit Services

Nokia has won a contract from Mila, Iceland’s primary telecommunications provider, to revolutionize its fiber network.
Optical fiber investmentThe aim is to facilitate the introduction of new multi-gigabit services to over 60,000 customers scattered across Iceland. Nokia’s cutting-edge multi-PON (Passive Optical Network) solution will first be implemented in Reykjavik, the capital city, and subsequently extended to encompass other cities and regions.

Mila has already established an extensive access network linking nearly every household and enterprise in Iceland. Presently, over 90 percent of homes in the country have access to high-speed 1Gb/s internet services. However, the evolving landscape of remote working, gaming, enterprise applications, and the digital economy has sparked an increased demand for multi-gigabit services.

Leveraging Nokia’s multi-PON fiber broadband solution, Mila aims to develop a future-ready network capable of addressing the surging consumer demand for enhanced capacity and broadband services. The comprehensive deployment involves upgrading existing Nokia fiber access nodes and optical line terminals, with an anticipated completion date in 2024.

Nokia’s fiber access solution is powered by its advanced Quillion chipset, supporting three generations of PON technologies — GPON, XGS-PON, and 25G PON. The inclusion of Nokia’s Quillion chipset ensures that Mila can swiftly upgrade its network to the next-generation PON technology as the need for additional capacity arises. Furthermore, this upgrade is anticipated to result in a 50 percent reduction in power consumption and establish a smaller carbon footprint, contributing to significant energy efficiency gains and reduced operational expenses.

Johanna Guomundsdottir, Chief Commercial Officer at Mila, emphasized their dedication to delivering a top-tier network that provides high-speed broadband, empowering users to fuel their home and work applications. By leveraging Nokia’s multi-gig fiber broadband solution, Mila is set to provide essential broadband capacity to their users, enhancing connectivity experiences for each individual.

Geert Heyninck, General Manager of Broadband Networks at Nokia, expressed excitement about being chosen by Mila to introduce 10G broadband to Iceland. He highlighted Nokia’s multi-gig and multi-PON solution, praising its exceptional flexibility and scalability. Heyninck emphasized Mila’s ambitious goals of making multi-gig broadband a reality for their extensive customer base and conveyed Nokia’s honor at being an integral part of Mila’s journey towards this objective.