Nokia Siemens’ India revenues dip 19.1% to €737 million in 2012


Telecom Lead Asia: Nokia Siemens Networks — in its annual report — said its India revenue declined 19.1 percent to €737 million in 2012 from €911 million in 2011 and €885 million in 2010.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ number of employees in December 2012 stood at 10,192 in India against 58,411 globally. In 2010, the global employee base was 66,160.

Revenue of Ericsson, main rival in India, declined 34 percent to SEK 6.5 billion, primarily due to less Capex spend by local mobile service providers.

Nokia Siemens Networks — in its annual report — said 2 percent dip in global net sales was primarily due to modifying its structure to align with its strategy to  focus on mobile broadband as it streamlined its portfolios, divested non-core businesses and exited from loss-generating and poorly performing contracts and countries.

Of total net sales, mobile broadband contributed €6 billion in the year ended December 31, 2012 (€6.3 billion in 2011) and global services contributed €6.9 billion in 2012 (€6.7 billion in 2011).

Japan accounted for largest concentration of net sales in 2012, representing 16.3 percent of  net sales (11.2 percent in 2011).

Other regions contributing significant percentages of net sales in the year ended December 31, 2012 include West Europe, representing 14.2 percent of net sales (14.9 percent in 2011), and Latin America representing 12.3 percent of net sales (12.9 percent in 2011).

On a regional basis, net sales in the year ended December 31, 2012 were driven primarily by strength in our Asia and Middle East region, most notably  Japan, which saw an increase in net sales of 41.7 percent due to strong growth in sales of both infrastructure equipment and services as a result of the 4G / LTE rollouts by mobile operators in Japan, which represented a combination of organic growth and the impact of the Acquired Motorola Assets.

According to Nokia Siemens, these positive developments were partially offset by decreases in net sales in India and Greater China as a result of reduced operator spending.

Its net sales in  the Americas region also increased 2.6 percent, led by an increase in net sales in North America of 18.0 percent driven by the 4G / LTE network rollout with customer T-Mobile USA partially offset by a decrease in net sales in Latin America.

Overall growth in net sales in these regions was offset by lower sales in our Europe and Africa region, which overall decreased by 12.0 percent in 2012 as compared to 2011, due to the 19.5 percent and 17.3 percent decline in net sales in North East Europe and South East Europe, respectively, principally as a result of lower sales in services and infrastructure equipment.

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