Nokia Siemens launches picocell base stations and 3G Femto access points

Telecom Lead America: Nokia Siemens has launched picocell
base stations and 3G Femto access points.

This is part of enhancing the telecom equipment maker’s
small cells portfolio.

Nokia Siemens claims it has a complete portfolio of small
cell products, services and expertise on offer to make any application a
success. The equipment maker is ready to offer cell products for both rural
coverage and large urban capacity building by telecom operators.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ innovations in the relatively
new small cells technology market enable us to help operators plan, implement
and optimize the most cost effective and profitable solutions to meet growing
mobile broadband demand,” said Randy Cox, head of small cells product
management, Nokia Siemens Networks.

Nokia Siemens said operators can keep CAPEX in check and
enhance the user experience where it’s most needed.

Nokia Siemens announced a Hot Zone trial system
in the Chicago, Illinois, area. Operators can see the performance and benefits
of the recently launched Flexi Zone approach.

Flexi Zone comprises clusters of multiradio (LTE, HSPA
and Wi-Fi) access points that complement the macro-cellular network to deliver
the highest capacity in Hot Zone areas. The trial system aims to showcase the
innovation in a real-life environment by significantly boosting performance
while lowering costs compared to traditional architectures.

At CTIA Wireless, Nokia Siemens has also announced a
trial of its Flexi Zone approach for increasing network capacity, in
the Chicago area.

Using this feature, operators can initiate Hot Zone
deployments with a single site, moving to a full pico cluster as traffic

The Nokia Siemens Flexi Lite Base Station range has
been extended with versions offering increased power of 10 watts + 10 watts for
more deployment options, for example in rural locations. This range of
all-in-one compact base stations can cut operator site costs by up to 90
percent and enable sites that were previously impractical to be used.


The new 3G Femto access points are for the North American
market for residential and enterprise use. These small cell base stations offer
3G access and link back to the operator’s network via the user’s existing
broadband connection such as DSL or cable.

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