Nokia Siemens Networks Releases Sustainability Report 2010

Nokia Siemens Networks has released its Sustainability Report 2010 , providing a detailed look at its environmental and social performance and impact.





Before pulling together the Sustainability Report 2010, Nokia Siemens Networks undertook detailed analysis of the sustainability requirements and targets considered most important by its customers and other key stakeholders. The company used this information to increase data disclosure and transparency in these key areas, which included environmental performance, health and safety, and supply chain related information. 





Our commitment to sustainability and ethical business is a key differentiator in a tough competitive environment”,  said Rajeev Suri, CEO, Nokia Siemens Networks.





The report includes over 80 measurable indicators and over 60 targets, evaluating the company’s performance in eight key areas of corporate responsibility, which are: connectivity and development; environmental impact of products and services; environmental impact of operations; ethics and human rights; suppliers; health, safety and labor conditions; employees; and community.




Highlights from the report include:




–         The fact that half of all energy consumed by Nokia Siemens Networks facilities globally now comes from renewable sources;



–         An outline of the company’s new business focused on applications that will save energy for power utilities and other industry sectors, and support the development of smart applications for use by various other industries;



–         Updates that show Nokia Siemens Networks continues to provide the most energy efficient products in the industry. Based on calculations using the ETSI energy efficiency measurement standards, power consumption of its industry leading Flexi base station is only 562 watts;



–         Results showing that the company continues to have the most robust anti-corruption organization and program in the industry. Employee awareness is a key element, with 92 percent of employees completing the annual ethical business training;



–         Information that the company spent nearly 57 million Euros on employee training;



–         News that Nokia Siemens Networks achieved the 18001 OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification in ten key high risk markets of operation;



–         The fact that Nokia Siemens Networks has strengthened policies and processes related to human rights, to specifically address the misuse of communication technologies;



–         Details of its efforts to augment supplier capability and performance in corporate responsibility by doubling global audits and tripling the amount of supplier training with respect to corporate responsibility;



–         Information relating to a new policy addressing the use of conflict minerals.






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