Nokia Siemens Unveils a Solution for Motorola Customers

Nokia Siemens Networks announced the launch of a solution that connects existing Motorola Solutions’ GSM base stations to its Flexi Base Station Controller.

The new solution provides a smooth and seamless network evolution path to 3G and LTE technologies. The solution will be available for commercial use by the end of June 2011.

GSM operators currently using Motorola Solutions’ radio equipment can now enjoy the benefits of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Single RAN Advanced.

This solution helps Motorola’s GSM radio network customers to reduce operational costs, improve network quality and support more end users today as well as in the future with the existing installed Motorola base station resources”,  said Kimmo Virkki, head of GSM product management, Nokia Siemens Networks.

The first network implementations with select customers show that our approach significantly increases network quality, voice and data traffic and EDGE throughput with Motorola base stations in the field, helping to protect operators’ investments”, Virkki added.

Company officials said Nokia Siemens Networks’   Flexi Base Station Controller is the world’s most powerful base station controller, supporting up to 4200 carrier units in one cabinet. It is offering up to 80 percent reduction in energy consumption and a 40 percent increase in capacity over existing base station controllers. A single Flexi Base Station Controller is effectively capable of providing the same support as up to 30 of Motorola Solutions’ installed base station controllers.

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