Nokia signs deal with SmarTone to upgrade 3G network to 4G

SmarTone Macau
Nokia Networks announced its 5-year deal with telecom network operator SmarTone to upgrade its 3G network to 4G LTE in Macau.

The Finland-based Nokia Networks is deploying the operator’s 4G LTE network in dense traffic areas assisting SmarTone to offer better mobile broadband with coverage and capacity.

Nokia Networks said its multi-layer optimization services will ensure seamless interaction between different technologies such as 2G, 3G and LTE and frequency layers for the best customer experience.

“As we are evolving our network infrastructure to address future capacity requirements, our partner helps us migrate to a 4G LTE network to provide our customers in Macau with an enhanced mobile broadband experience,” said Patrick Chan, chief executive officer, SmarTone Macau.

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