Nokia signs technology deal with EneCom of Japan

Nokia for broadband
Finland-based telecom equipment company Nokia announced its technology deal with Energia Communications (EneCom) of Japan.

EneCom will use Nokia’s technology in combination with Japan’s VDSL for the first time in the country. This technology will enable the Japanese cable operator to prepare its networks for broadband demand during the 2020 global sporting event., a broadband technology, will allow the cable operator to launch high-bandwidth consuming applications, such as 8K television service. EneCom can also deploy XG-FAST to provide speeds of up to 10Gbps in future.

Operators who provide VDSL are preparing to provide broadband services for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) in the wake of the discontinuation of current VDSL in Japan.

Nokia provides interoperability between equipment and the Japan-specific VDSL technology.

Nokia earlier conducted a joint interoperability test in EneCom’s cable network ensuring a smooth migration of service providers’ networks to the broadband provided by

Nokia said its solution allows cable operators to continue to use VDSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and gradually replace it with CPEs as and when the demand increases for higher speed broadband service.

“ is emerging as a technology of choice to deliver fiber-like speeds to customers over short distances. It will also allow operators to control expenditures since uses existing copper infrastructure,” said Sang Xulei, heaf of Fixed Networks, Asia Pacific and Japan Region at Nokia.

Nokia said uses the final few hundred meters of copper infrastructure extending into premises to achieve speeds of up to 1Gbps. VDSL technology uses copper phone lines to provide faster internet than the traditional Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology.