Nokia site solutions offer 30% more power efficiency in AirScale deployments

Nokia has introduced its energy-efficient site solutions for the AirScale baseband portfolio, delivering enhanced performance and cost savings for mobile operators.
Nokia AirScaleThe solutions include an all-in-one cabinet solution and a zero-footprint site solution, both designed to optimize energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

Benefits of Nokia Site Solutions

# Up to 30 percent reduction in total energy consumption
# 60-99 percent reduction in site footprint
# 50 percent faster site deployments

Nokia said the all-in-one cabinet solution is a modular outdoor system that can be easily deployed in various site conditions. It integrates baseband units, advanced cooling systems, high-performance rectifiers, and batteries. Nokia is offering pre-integrated components, ensuring minimum civil work, and making maintenance and reliability easier to manage.

Nokia said the zero-footprint site solution offers operators the flexibility to install equipment directly on masts or walls, eliminating the need for air conditioning. This not only reduces energy consumption and space requirements but also lowers integration and maintenance costs. It is particularly useful in noise-sensitive areas where traditional cooling solutions are not feasible.

Both solutions are compatible with Nokia’s NetAct network management platform and support energy-saving features like load shifting and solar power utilization. By leveraging these solutions, operators can significantly reduce their network energy costs, which typically account for half of their total expenses. The radio access network, responsible for 80 percent of mobile network energy consumption, can benefit greatly from these energy-efficient solutions.

Nokia, one of the leading telecom equipment makers in the world, is committed to sustainability and has set ambitious goals to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent across its value chain between 2019 and 2030. By developing energy-efficient technology, Nokia supports its customers in achieving their climate and environmental targets.

Samir Kumar, Head of Mobile Network Services at Nokia, emphasized the importance of energy efficiency in mobile networks. He highlighted how Nokia’s site solutions address the rising energy costs and environmental concerns faced by operators. By minimizing energy consumption and deployment costs, Nokia is dedicated to sustainability across all aspects of its business.