Nokia, StarHub develop analytics services for digital cities

StarHub deploys Nokia Networks TD-LTE, FD-LTE and outdoor small cells
Nokia and Singapore telecom operator StarHub have co-developed analytics services for digital cities.

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It is believed that mobility analytics use cases open new revenue streams for global mobile operators as they create value for city authorities, residents and visitors. Nokia did not reveal the financial benefits to telecom operators or smart city projects.

There will be demand for Nokia AVA cognitive services platform and StarHub’s applied methodologies as they unlock value from telco data.

The tie up with StarHub is part of the strategy of Nokia to create new mobility analytics use cases to help operators create value from the data in their networks to address the needs of digital cities.

Telecom operators’ engineers can use mobility analytics to create new services and revenue streams, with network data providing insightful reports on customer movements, behaviors and habits.

Engineers can utilize subscriber location information in order to create value for digital city players such as city planners, transportation authorities and the travel industry. Nokia has shared some use cases where its analytics solutions play a key role.

For example, measuring commuting patterns enables authorities to plan more efficient roads and public transport networks. Business owners benefit from more effective advertising, targeting people based on their travel patterns, activities and personal interests. City authorities can identify the movement patterns of people to build parks, shopping malls, recreational buildings and offices.

The Nokia AVA cognitive services platform enables the rapid creation of new use cases in different analytics domains. Nokia’s geolocation capabilities will increase location accuracy and provide a complete picture of movement patterns.

Chong Yoke Sin, chief, Enterprise Business Group, StarHub said: “By integrating the use cases into the Nokia AVA platform and using Nokia’s analytics capabilities, we will be developing the use cases and creating new ones that we can offer even to other telcos as white label solutions.”

Dennis Lorenzin, head of Network Planning and Optimization, Nokia, said: “Nokia analytics offers great flexibility to operators with productized, always-on software, or project-oriented approaches.”