Nokia Targets Telecom Equipment Contracts from U.S. Federal Government

Telecom equipment maker Nokia has unveiled Nokia Federal Solutions (NFS), a dedicated unit aimed at providing solutions to the U.S. federal government.
Nokia @ India Mobile Congress 2023
Nokia’s sales revenue from North America plummeted by 45 percent to 1.256 billion euro in Q3 2023 against 2.275 billion euro in Q3 2022. For the first nine months of 2023, Nokia has generated sales of 4.215 billion euro from North America, registering 33 percent drop.

Drawing upon Nokia’s extensive global expertise and industry-leading technology portfolio, supported by Nokia Bell Labs, NFS is poised to address the critical needs of various U.S. federal agencies engaged in diverse missions.

The establishment of NFS solidifies Nokia’s commitment to the U.S. government, highlighting the company’s partnership over decades, during which it has consistently delivered essential technology and services to numerous agencies.

NFS will focus on crafting solutions tailored to the requirements of U.S. Federal Agencies, utilizing Nokia’s comprehensive technology and product range, spanning IP Routing, Optical Networking, Microwave, 5G, Private Wireless, and Tactical Private Wireless.

NFS assembles professionals possessing expertise in both commercial communications technology and a understanding of the requirements of the U.S. government. The initiative receives further reinforcement through Nokia’s recent acquisition of the Fenix Group, a provider of tactical private wireless solutions for defense.

“With Nokia Federal Solutions, we are strengthening our commitment to support the US Government by investing in a dedicated entity to provide the technology, expertise, and local presence needed to help U.S. federal agencies achieve their mission goals,” Mike Loomis, President of Nokia Federal Solutions, said.

Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, recognized the launch of Nokia Federal Solutions as a pivotal step in the development of the company’s defense business, emphasizing Nokia’s ongoing dedication to the U.S. market.

Nokia earlier said the strong decline in sale in North America in Q3 2023 has reflected weakness in both Mobile Networks and Network Infrastructure as customers continued to evaluate their spending and digest inventories. To a lesser extent, Cloud and Network Services also declined.


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