Nokia to supply drones to Belgian telecom operator Citymesh

Nokia has partnered with Belgian telecom operator Citymesh to supply 70 Drone-in-a-Box (DiaB) units as part of its Nokia Drone Networks platform.
Nokia Drone Networks platformThis collaboration aims to establish a comprehensive 5G drone network across Belgium, enabling efficient information dissemination and resource mobilization during emergency situations.

Citymesh will strategically deploy 70 drones across 35 critical emergency zones throughout the country. These drones will swiftly gather crucial data within the crucial 15-minute period immediately following an emergency call. They will provide first responder teams with accurate and timely information, equipping them to effectively address each unique situation.

Belgium’s emergency services receive over two million calls annually, and often lack complete data when dispatching police and fire brigades. This information gap can hinder the efficiency of their response. With the implementation of Nokia Drone Networks, pilots will have the ability to operate the drones 24/7, dispatching them from strategically placed docking stations across the nation.

These drones are equipped with advanced features such as high-definition cameras and AI-enhanced thermal imaging. They capture real-time aerial footage, including smoke plumes, fire parameters, and the number and location of individuals. This crucial information is swiftly transferred to control centers, even before emergency teams have had the chance to depart. These aerial images are instrumental in formulating an action plan that can save lives and minimize damage to affected assets and natural resources.

The introduction of the SENSE program on a nationwide scale follows successful pilot projects with the Fluvia fire brigade in Kortrijk, Brussels Airport Company, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, and the city of Genk. These projects received support from the Federal Public Service Economy.

The Nokia Drone Networks solution seamlessly integrates with both public and private 4G and 5G networks, significantly enhancing situational awareness for first responders and other professionals. The platform can be operated remotely and adheres to the regulations set forth by aviation authorities such as the EASA in Europe and the FAA in the United States.

Furthermore, the platform is equipped with a dual gimbal camera, docking station, and edge data processing capabilities. It is supported by an open API framework, allowing for the integration of third-party applications to expand its functionality and cater to a broader range of use cases.