Nokia trials solution that allows smartphone users to buy network slices

Nokia announced the trial of a network slicing solution that allows Android smartphone users to purchase and activate network slices directly from their operator.
Kazakhstan mobile networkThis development, available to Android 14 users, empowers users to enhance their mobile experience across various applications such as gaming, streaming, broadcasting, and social media. By enabling operators to monetize 5G slicing services, this solution opens up possibilities for offering premium network slices in specific areas based on customer demand.

The trial was conducted at Nokia’s network slicing development center in Tampere, Finland, utilizing Nokia’s slicing product portfolio. This included IMPACT entitlement and policy control servers, as well as the implementation of UE Route Selection Policy (URSP) technology in Android 14.

The standard-compliant IMPACT entitlement server verifies network slice service availability, promotes service packages to end users, and sends purchased service options to the operator’s Business Support System (BSS).

The BSS then activates the selected dynamic network slice policy for the user using URSP. The trial involved slice interworking between 4G and 5G, along with dynamic radio resource allocation for different slices.

These innovative capabilities enhance the customer experience by allowing network slices to be customized to support specific use cases and applications based on factors like network performance, quality, traffic routing, latency, and security.

For instance, a gamer can activate a network slice dedicated to local cloud gaming, ensuring enhanced network performance, low latency, and edge slicing. Sports event attendees can activate a 5G streaming slice to gain fast access to video replays, additional content, and insights related to their favorite athletes and teams. On-demand slices can even be enabled in base stations serving concert arenas.

Nokia said it is the industry leader in 4G and 5G network slicing, being the first to implement end-to-end slicing across Device-RAN-Transport-Core-Applications with management and assurance. Their network slicing solution supports all 4G and 5G devices.

Nokia has conducted live network deployments and trials with its customer base. These include slicing solutions like network slicing for 5G Virtual Private Networks, Fixed Wireless Access slicing, Edge Slicing, Slicing for Applications, and Sliced Private Wireless, as well as Slice Management Automation, Assurance, and Orchestration.

Ari Kynaslahti, Head of Strategy and Technology at Nokia Mobile Networks, expressed excitement about this trial of the on-demand slicing solution for Android smartphone users.