Nokia Unveils Corteca Developer Toolkit to Revolutionize Home Broadband Applications

Nokia has introduced the Corteca Developer Toolkit, an open-source software package designed to empower developers in creating applications that elevate broadband offerings within homes for service providers. This innovative toolkit aims to streamline the development process, reducing both time and costs associated with creating new applications for the Corteca Marketplace.
Nokia Corteca Developer ToolkitService providers increasingly seek home broadband applications to enhance services and customer satisfaction. However, the current process of sourcing, testing, and contracting individual applications poses challenges. Third-party developers also encounter obstacles in customizing applications for each service provider’s network and device types.

Addressing these challenges, Nokia’s Corteca Developer Toolkit simplifies the creation and deployment of value-added applications for operators and developers alike. The toolkit provides open-source software and a virtualization platform for rapid development and testing of applications tailored for Nokia broadband devices powered by Corteca software.

These applications can then be integrated into the Corteca Marketplace platform within Nokia’s Corteca Cloud, where operators can easily assess, install, or update applications across their network and broadband devices. Moreover, service providers gain centralized control over accessible applications and can monitor usage and performance metrics.

Nokia has also announced the inclusion of eleven new containerized and cloud-based applications in the Corteca Marketplace. These applications cover various use cases, including security enhancements, parental control, quality of experience optimization, and compliance measures, among others.

Developed by Nokia and third-party partners such as F-Secure, Domos, Netduma, and Gryphon, these applications can be installed on select Corteca-powered devices like Nokia ONTs and FastMile 5G Gateways.

Developers, partners, and service providers can access the Corteca Marketplace and explore the new applications starting in the second quarter of 2024.

Dirk Verhagen, Head of Broadband Devices at Nokia, emphasized the ease and efficiency of the Corteca Developer Toolkit, enabling quick creation and deployment of service provider applications. Verhagen noted the potential for unlocking new revenue streams and fostering competitive differentiation for service providers.

The partnership with Nokia was met with enthusiasm by partners such as Domos, F-Secure, Gryphon, and Netduma, who praised Nokia’s extensive reach and leading position in broadband devices as key factors driving their collaboration.

The introduction of the Corteca Developer Toolkit and the expansion of the Corteca Marketplace signify Nokia’s commitment to innovation and collaboration in advancing broadband services, ultimately enhancing the digital experience for consumers worldwide.