Nokia Unveils Network as Code Platform and Developer Portal, Revolutionizing 5G and 4G Network Monetization

In a significant leap towards the future of telecommunications, Nokia has launched its Network as Code platform and developer portal, revolutionizing the approach to software application development and monetization within 5G and 4G networks.
Nokia @ MWC 2023 in BarcelonaThe platform provides unprecedented access to network capabilities, empowering application developers and communication service providers (CSPs) to pioneer software applications for enterprise, industrial, and consumer domains.

With 5G-era networks fundamentally rooted in software, Nokia’s platform leverages Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other development tools to enable programmability, allowing developers to harness network data and functionalities to create diverse use cases and capabilities for their clientele.

Nokia categorizes these capabilities into two primary groups: 5G capabilities encompassing network slicing, quality on demand, and edge cloud; and advanced capabilities including subscriber and device status, and billing, irrespective of the need for 5G networks.

To facilitate tapping into these capabilities, the platform equips application developers with Software Development Kits (SDK), Network API documentation, a simulation and testing ‘sandbox,’ code ‘snippets’ for easy integration, and developer analytics for usage tracking.

This commercial venture, set to launch in December 2023, is a result of extensive collaboration with application developers and CSPs, ensuring a deep understanding of the platform’s functionality and network capabilities available for application.

In a testament to this collaboration, Nokia and DISH Wireless have inked a memorandum of understanding, ushering in a promising partnership for an ecosystem project. This venture will facilitate enterprises in developing applications utilizing advanced mobile and 5G network capabilities, leveraging Nokia’s Network as Code platform and the DISH 5G cloud-native network.

The development of the Nokia Network as Code platform adheres to technical standards set by industry initiatives like the Linux Foundation CAMARA project and the GSMA Open Gateway initiative, where Nokia plays an active role as a contributor. Operating on a revenue share model, the platform offers a balanced collaboration opportunity for developers, CSPs, and Nokia as the platform provider.

Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, expressed that the Network as Code platform and developer portal align with Nokia’s commitment to leverage the B2B digitalization ecosystem. By enabling monetization of network programmability, the platform opens a meaningful pathway for developers to enhance applications and experiences for their customers, while CSPs can unlock new value creation avenues in both the enterprise and consumer sectors.

Marc Rouanne, EVP, Global Partnerships at DISH Wireless, emphasized that this partnership is propelling the telecom industry towards realizing Industry 4.0. He highlighted the potential for developers and CSPs to harness the combined power of Nokia’s Network as a Code platform with DISH’s 5G Open RAN cloud-based network, creating and monetizing solutions for new use cases across consumer and enterprise markets.

Jason Jackson, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer at Kyndryl, emphasized the pivotal role of programmable networks and advanced APIs in the evolving 5G ecosystem. He stressed the importance of simplifying and aggregating 5G networks to facilitate seamless collaboration, innovation, and integration of technologies like edge computing.

Camille Mendler, Chief Analyst – Enterprise Services at Omdia, underscored the immense power of APIs in simplifying digital consumption, reducing market friction, and transforming ideas into revenue. She highlighted the significance of offering more choice to developer communities, enterprises, and CSPs, emphasizing the benefits this brings to everyone involved.