Nokia wins XGS-PON technology deal from TDC NET

Nokia has won a technology deal from TDC NET to connect more than one million homes and businesses in Denmark with PON fiber to broadband.
Optical fiber investment
TDC NET will be deploying XGS-PON in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Alborg for selected existing customers as well as new fiber addresses.

TDC NET is Denmark’s leading digital infrastructure partner. TDC NET has built an open  network used by service providers to package broadband services to their own customers.

TDC NET is moving towards a converged network that will use both GPON and XGS-PON technology for consumers and enterprises. The single fibre access platform will allow TDC NET to streamline its service delivery and to increase revenues, Nokia said.

Michael Frankle, Executive Vice President, Head of Technology at TDC NET said: “With Nokia’s ISAM FX converged platform we will be able to serve residential customers and enterprises from the same platform and deliver the Gigabit experience they need in their daily life and to run their business.”