Nokia’s Chennai Factory Achieves Significant Milestone: Produces Seven Million Telecom Units

Nokia, a global leader in telecommunications, announced that its manufacturing facility in Chennai, India, has achieved a remarkable production milestone by reaching seven million units of telecom infrastructure equipment.
Nokia's Chennai factoryThe factory, which focuses on manufacturing equipment for 4G and 5G networks, has been pivotal in bolstering telecom equipment production both domestically and internationally.

This significant milestone comes as the Chennai factory marks its fifteenth year of successful operation, solidifying its position as a critical hub for telecom equipment manufacturing in India. The facility produces a wide array of equipment, including 5G New Radio (5G NR), 5G massive MIMO products, 4G/LTE radios, Fiber Broadband equipment, and more. Approximately half of the production is exported to various global markets.

In a strategic move towards increased localization, Nokia has ramped up component manufacturing within the country, achieving up to twice the localization rate compared to previous years in 5G equipment production.

Teemu Toiviainen, Head of Global Manufacturing & EMS Management at Nokia, commended the expertise and skill of Indian talent, emphasizing the journey from being the first to manufacture 5G NR in India to the current production of advanced 5G massive MIMO products and transport network elements.

Beyond production achievements, Nokia’s Chennai factory prioritizes sustainability by operating on wind and solar energy, contributing up to 81 percent of green energy consumption, with aspirations to achieve 100 percent reliance on renewable energy sources by 2025.

Nokia remains committed to advancing telecom infrastructure technology while fostering a sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing approach. The Chennai factory’s continuous growth and achievements underscore its critical role in meeting the burgeoning global demand for advanced telecom equipment.