Nokia’s DelOps initiative to manage complexity of 5G core software delivery

Nokia announced the launch of its DelOps initiative, an innovative approach to managing the complexity of 5G core software delivery and operations.
Nokia Finland 2019
SPs can expect to see faster time to market with rapid iterations and increased flexibility through the entire lifecycle of 5G core network functions and services as a result of increased automation enabled by CI/CD services.

With Nokia’s CI/CD services playing a critical role in 5G core deployments, these solutions have already been selected by five Tier 1 SPs for upcoming rollouts, and discussions are ongoing with several other operators globally.

Nokia’s DelOps approach allows SPs to harness the benefits of DevOps-style software development, yet also caters to the complexity and customization needs of the telecom industry by enabling the efficiencies of continuous integration and delivery.

Nokia’s DelOps approach is flexible, scalable and agile, providing network reliability and reducing time to market for new products and services. DelOps can support multiple domain environments, third-party software and hybrid cloud environments by initiating a separate integration process.

“With network slicing, multi-access edge computing, on-premises enterprise wireless networks, potentially all in a multi-cloud environment, CSPs are going to need solutions that simplify, while at the same time accelerate, bringing new services and features to the market. Nokia’s DelOps addresses this transition to make the complex simple,” Dave Bolan, research director at Dell’Oro Group, said.

“Just as DevOps revolutionized the IT and web scale industries, DelOps opens a door to a new way of deploying and integrating new telecom solutions, and rapidly provides for efficient delivery into a wide range of environment types,” Fran Heeran, head of Core Networks, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, said.