Nokia’s U.S.-Made Broadband Technology Meets Buy America Guidelines

Telecom equipment maker Nokia has confirmed that its fiber optic broadband network electronics and optical modules, manufactured in the United States, are compliant with the final Buy America guidelines unveiled by the Department of Commerce today.
Nokia fiber broadband for USThe adherence to the final guidelines issued by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) enables Nokia to effectively support states gearing up to initiate Broadband Equity and Deployment (BEAD) projects slated for 2024.

Nokia anticipates the delivery of its inaugural U.S.-manufactured products meeting Buy America standards by June 2024. Each product will undergo self-certification in alignment with forthcoming NTIA specifications to ensure compliance with the final guidelines.

Nokia’s BEAD-certified solutions, available for individual purchase or as part of its comprehensive network-in-a-box program, furnish states with the requisite technology to establish end-to-end fiber networks, facilitating BEAD’s objective of broadening broadband access across communities.

Sandy Motley, Nokia’s USA Country Manager, said: “We are proud to be Buy America compliant and to support the U.S. government’s efforts to bring broadband to every American. We believe broadband is a fundamental right and a vital social and economic development enabler.”

Veronica Bloodworth, Chief Network Officer at Frontier, said that Frontier, committed to expanding connectivity, views Nokia’s compliant technology as instrumental in furthering its mission of extending high-quality broadband services nationwide.

Nokia says 70 percent of fiber broadband lines in North America are powered by Nokia. Nokia recently announced its partnership with Sanmina Corporation to manufacture fiber-optic broadband products at Sanmina’s manufacturing facility located in Pleasant Prairie, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, bringing up to 200 new jobs to the state.