Innovation Leaders Award 2018 — nominations open Innovation Leaders 2018, a telecom news website for telecom industry professionals, announced that the nominations are open for the selection of Innovation Leaders Award 2018.

This is the first Innovation Leaders Award 2018. Last year, we announced awards recognizing the contribution of several companies in the telecom industry.

The award initiative will evaluate innovative companies, their research and development efforts, product development and impact on customers – telecom operators, telecom equipment companies, phone makers, consumers including mobile and enterprise customers. Innovation Leaders Award 2018 is an annual award for the contribution towards innovation in the telecom industry.

There will be two types of awards — Innovation Leaders award and Innovation Disruptors award. Innovation Leaders award will be for more recognized companies in the telecom market. Innovation Disruptors award will be for new companies in this space.

Jury members along with editors will select up to 100 global companies which are marking their presence in the global telecom market with their innovative products or services or solutions.

“Independent jury members will select the innovative companies based on criteria such as innovation, impact on customers, market impact scope for scale, result of pilot projects, among others. Innovative companies can be small or big, established or new, set up in India or global markets,” said Baburajan K, editor of and co-founder of Kizhakedath Media Services Pvt Ltd.

Innovations developed or deployed targeting India and or global markets should not be more than two-year old.

Innovation can be in any area including technology, sales, marketing, HR, operations, IT, and other key business processes.

Companies from telecom operators, mobile marketing, OTT players, broadcasting, 2G, 3G, 4G, Internet operators, broadband equipment makers, mobile phones, chipset, test and measurement, wireless infrastructure, mobile towers, IT companies, call centers, analytics, mobile content, etc. can participate. The main criteria: your innovation should have made a big contribution to the telecom industry.

Send the entries highlighting key achievements by June 15 to

The input should contain the following information:

# Nature of innovation
# Details about product or service or solution
# Measurable impact
# Clients’ name (optional)
# Scope for scale
# Result of pilot projects
# People behind the innovation
# Customer testimonials, if available
# Official spokesperson’s quotes
# Supporting images / videos, if any

Activities for Innovation Leaders Award 2018

# Press release announcing Innovation Leaders Award 2018
# will publish Innovation Leaders list in its website
# Innovation Leaders 2018 banner in TelecomLead website – all pages
# Articles with supporting videos/images and official quote
# Backlink to the company website page where the Innovation is featured
# E-mailers to over 80K contacts featuring Innovation Leaders Award 2018

The registration fee is $500 per entry for all companies to enter the program. If you are not selected for the Innovation Leaders Award, we will refund the registration fee. Please write to us on details for making the payment.

We are planning to finalize the Innovation Leaders Award 2018 in July-August 2018.