Nominum unveils Mobile Network and User Security Solution for telecom operators

Telecom Lead America: DNS-based applications and
solutions provider Nominum has unveiled its Mobile Network and User Security

The Mobile Network and User Security Solution enables
mobile service providers to solve multiple mobile security needs in a single
complete solution.

Nominum claims that it is the only company to offer an
integrated DNS-based architecture with solutions and applications to solve the
business and operational issues faced by today’s mobile service providers.

Nominum’s Mobile Security Solution leverages its
carrier-grade DNS infrastructure. Without requiring providers to install any
single purpose or security-specific elements, this offering protects everything
from network assets to end users.

According to Cisco 2011 Visual Networking Index, there
were 175M laptops on the mobile network in 2011, and each laptop generated 22
times more traffic than the average smartphone.

As users put more and more digital information on their
mobile devices and mobile networks carry an increasing amount of sensitive
banking and personal information, the criminal opportunity in this space is a
threat the mobile industry cannot overlook,” said Doug Miller, general manager
of Mobile Solutions for Nominum.

Mobile service providers know they have to protect not
only their networks, but their end users accessing these networks. We are
offering mobile service providers something that didn’t exist before – a
complete mobile security solution to help them to deal with the new and growing
security threat,” Miller added.

The Nominum Mobile Security Solution is built on a
three-tiered, integrated architecture that leverages core DNS engines through a
series of platforms and applications. The solution leverages network elements
and does not require any additional elements to be added to the mobile network.

Due to the dynamic nature of the three-tiered
architecture, this Mobile Security Solution is robust even as elements
throughout the chain are upgraded or modified. Further, as Nominum builds
additional applications to augment this solution, the integrated architecture
ensures they can be added in short order to provide the greatest level of
flexibility and agility.

The Nominum Mobile Suite helps service providers offer
differentiated services to their customers while achieving efficiency and

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