NorthStar unveils new telecom power backup cabinets

NorthStar announced the launch of new
telecom power backup cabinets. The new SiteStar HiCap 2-2 is the first outdoor
cabinet in the telecom industry to feature two separate climate zones with
individual compressor systems: one for batteries and one for DC power systems
or other electronics.

The separate climate zones ensure optimal operating
temperatures for sensitive electronic equipment, even in high ambient
temperatures, without wasting energy on unnecessary cooling.

The new cabinet was designed to extend the life of
batteries and valuable electronics, while saving energy and lowering the total
cost of ownership.

SiteStar Technology makes this possible a combination of
advanced components, design innovations, and state-of-the-art manufacturing
processes, which include: High efficiency active compressors for exceptional
battery cooling and power saving; Swedish design and automated robotic
manufacturing to ensure reliability, low weight and easy installation; Dust and
corrosion proof design that lowers maintenance costs; Innovative insulation and
build materials to ensure optimal battery operating conditions inside the
cabinets, no matter the outside temperature; Compatible and verified with most
standard DC power systems.

SiteStar Technology has been implemented in a range of
multi-purpose telecom site solutions, such as battery cabinets, power system
cabinets and hybrid genset cabinets. The first product to use SiteStar
Technology was the SiteStar Battery Cabinet, which is already being used around
the world by major telecom companies.

By Team
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