NSN brings Mobile Guard to detect mobile malware

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) announced the launch of Mobile Guard that assists telecom operators and subscribers to detect mobile malware.

NSN Mobile Guard is designed to use data on the use of telecom services such as voice, SMS and mobile broadband, and analyze network traffic patterns. The company claims that Mobile Guard also notifies the user, blocks the affected services on the network and helps subscribers clean their smart devices.

Mobile Guard correlates suspicious network traffic patterns to known threats, building on malware intelligence from its partner F-Secure. NSN’s method is self-learning and detects new malware earlier than conventional signature recognition, enabling action to improve protection for smart devices.

NSN brings Mobile Guard to detect mobile malware

The new solution automatically contains the malware’s activities, for example preventing premium rate SMS messages being sent, or blocking unauthorized mobile payments. Mobile Guard also alerts the subscriber to the contamination, and can optionally offer software to disinfect the device and provide further protection to complement the network-based defense.

“Operators can use this protection to differentiate on security and win new revenue by ensuring their subscribers are alerted to threats they may not even realize exist and preventing problems such as unexpectedly large bills that could lead to customer churning,” said Thorsten Robrecht, vice president, MBB portfolio management, NSN.

NSN says Mobile Guard’s monitoring dashboard is customized for mobile broadband operators to provide infection data in real-time and is delivered as a content package from NSN Customer Experience Management (CEM) on Demand.

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