NSN launches new CEM service suite for telecoms

Mobile broadband equipment vendor Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) has launched new CEM Service Suite.

NSN says the new methodology is designed to assist telecom operators such as Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, AT&T, etc. to take advantage of advanced Customer Experience Management (CEM), regardless of their existing level of deployment.

The CEM Service Suite offers a step-by-step approach to prepare for, integrate and adopt the extensive capabilities of NSN’s CEM solutions. The company is also extending its portfolio with a CEM on Demand content pack to drill down into trends and identify business opportunities with over-the-top (OTT) services. Telecoms face challenges from OTT players.

NSN’s new Big Data CEM engine has a telecom-specific data-processing architecture that helps provide rapid insight into the customer experience.

In addition, the CEM Service Suite helps any mobile operator implement CEM in a way that matches their needs, whatever their existing deployment or capabilities.

China Mobile NSN deal

The mobile broadband equipment vendor is launching a new CEM solution at a time when telecoms are giving substantial preference to customer experience management. An Informa Telecoms & Media survey says more than 70 percent of operators rated CEM as a high priority. CEM is getting top priority because telecoms are unable to differentiate their mobile offerings.

“Our new CEM Service Suite is an end-to-end approach to navigating the many options and technologies available and to identifying and implementing the right solution for the operator’s current needs. Operators can now choose CEM solutions that will grow with their strategy and evolving subscriber demands,” said Santeri Jussila, head of Customer Insight and Experience at NSN.

NSN on Thursday said it is extending CEM on Demand with a new content pack that focuses on fresh marketing opportunities by monitoring and analyzing how people are using OTT services in mobile networks. With detailed insight on the devices used, adoption rates, data volumes and other trends, mobile operators can identify business opportunities from partnering with an OTT provider or creating a competitive offer.

Meanwhile, its Big Data CEM engine is a telecoms database architecture that speeds up processing and analytics on the increasing volumes and variety of data from multiple sources within the network and operator organization.

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